Joint Closures

Fiber Optic Joint Closure is compact and unique design developed especially fibers upto 288F.

Optical Termination Box (OTB)

Optical Terminal box (OTB) is used in FTTx distribution network end and provide connectivity to the subscriber end.

Home Termination Box (HTB)

Home Termination Box is used in FTTx network for the termination function for Optical Fiber at subscriber end.

FTTH Solutions

FTTH Products

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CCL Optoelectronics was formed in the year 2000 with the objective to cater to the requirements of photonic components in the telecom and CATV industries fueled by the boom in the internet and dotcoms. Since then, CCL Opto has grown and now offers a range of products for use in these and other industries. We have also built competencies in engineering design and can offer custom solutions for conceptualization, design and development of sub systems like fiber distribution frames and enclosures for metro Ethernet applications.

We provide full and specific solution for every client we're here to help.

  • CCL Optoelectronics Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Company which is ISO9000:2008 certified.
  • Product quality matching requirements of top Telecom carriers of India.
  • Customer centric approach.
  • We are specialist in custom made products and solutions.
  • We offer products PAN India using efficient Logistics Management.
  • Meet special faster product delivery requirements by customers.


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